Our Vision and Mission 

Our technology and services will help you to improve inspection standards and

maintenance techniques by streamlining

implementation, improving service quality, reducing risk exposure to crew members and allowing them the freedom to dedicate themselves to other, more added-value tasks.

We use a quality & safety management

system based on solid processes, risk

analysis, and checklists.

MaDfly added value

Maintenance of confined or limited access (height) spaces is a challenge, and MaDfly is here to undertake it by using the best in drone innovations to access these hazardous environments as safely and efficiently as possible.

With this new technology, MaDfly offers HD & thermal videos and pictures on a 3D model, allowing easy follow-up for maintenance year after year.

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Our team of

Former maritime officer (Bridge and Engine), operational consultants, engineers, all MaDflyers have technical background. Having worked for decades in marine, oil & gas and other industries, we have years of experience in maintenance and team management, and invaluable maritime expertise.

Passionate about new technologies, we foresee that it will have a more and more integral role in manual operations to assure safety and efficiency in a world of continuous evolution. Drone use had begun as a mere pastime but MaDflyers quickly understood the value of such an adaptable tool in the maritime industry. Certified drone pilots are at your disposal to carry out any mission you require.




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