Clear up your doubts about your asset in 10mn

Confined space & access at height maintenance is a challenge, MaDfly undertakes it by having selected the best drone innovations to acces this hazardous environment in a safer and more efficient manner.

With this new technology, MaDfly offers you to make HD & thermal pictures of your points of interest. These pictures can be pin pointed on a 3D map to easily follow-up year after year the maintenance to be done.


  • On/Offshore asset
  • Confined Space (Void, ballast & potable water, cargo & storage, tanks,..)
  • High access

Use case 

  • Clear up doubt after event
  • Pre docking preparation
  • Docking
  • Annual Mandatory visit
Why choosing MaDfly for indoor inspection?

Avoid working at height

No more working a height for simple inspections

Easy and safe access

Drone will take the risk instead your valuable staff

Simplify your inspection

No confined space entry preparation (less paper work and material to be prepared)

No ventilation is required, the drone is not breathing, that reduces the lead time to inspect

Less than 10mn to check everywhere inside your                                                confined space

 Cost                                             Avoid immobilization & means of access  

Data acquisition & analysis way faster                  

Avoid costly traditional intervention in working at height                                                     

Reduce equipment traditionally required                  

Only one operator needed to reach almost all locations in less than 10mn

Data acquisition & Analysis
Faster & more precise

Live view of your POI (Point Of Interest)

More accurate inspections (4k pictures located)

Difficult Access
Drone get almost everywhere

Access to small areas, tanks, pipes, or confined spaces becomes easy

Remote inspection
Follow the inspection remotely

Tele-pilot can transfer video live through internet

Class societies inspectors or internal expert can follow from their office

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