Faster mean to reach high point

Maintenance of confined or limited access (height) spaces is a challenge, and MaDfly is here to undertake it by using the best in drone innovations to access these hazardous environments as safely and efficiently ciently as possible.

With this new technology, MaDfly offers HD & thermal videos and pictures on a 3D model, allowing easy follow-up for maintenance year after year.

You need to inspect a crane, to calculate a volume, to inspect a wind turbine or to help a vessel for operation with aerial view,... Tell us what you need to achieve we will do it.

Why choosing MaDfly for outdoor inspection?

No risk for you

Not anymore necessary to put people at risk for visual inspection 


Simplify your inspection

Only birds are quicker to reach inaccessible points at height 

Avoid immobilization & means of access  

The cheapest way to inspect all installations at height on & offhsore 

Remote inspection
Follow the inspection remotely

 Whatever is you mission, you can get the aerial view everywhere you need it. 
Follow live the flight from your office, from the vessel’s bridge or side by side with the pilot, …

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