Advanced aerial remote inspection technologies are well publicised, but that’s only the half of it! It’s evolving underwater as well, with mini ROVs...

Easy to deploy, totally safe, no more human life at stake! It reduces the constraints and the risks as your inspection becomes easier even in enclosed spaces.

Read the inspection report, review and save POI (Point Of Interest) images, review the full diving operation video: Your call! Depending the level of details you want, we have it all. Our various selection of technologies will match your mission requirements, tell us what you want to achieve, we will tell you which solution suits you best.


  • Hull
  • Offshore asset
  • Confined Space (Void, ballast & potable water, cargo & storage, tanks,..)

Use case 

  • Clear up doubt after event
  • Pre docking preparation
  • Docking
  • Class & flag statutory inspection
Why choosing MaDfly & Drones for inspection

No risk for you
No human life at stake 

Simplify your inspection

Easy & quick to deploy the quickest way to achieve your inspection 

Avoid immobilization & means of access 
Less expensive than traditional way   

Remote inspection
Follow the inspection remotely

Inspection side by side with inspector.  One screen dedicated to him or remotely with the office of your choice or both, it’s up to you            

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