• Our Team

    Previous mariners with unlimited captain certificate, 
    our decades of experience accumulated in the maritime sector is there
    to be put at yourservice and perfectly understand your specific needs.

Our Story

During his maritime experience initiated in 2007, Yannick had to participate and lead tank inspections for his shipmanager.
He found that, sending men to take risks (falling, loss of communication...) and for poor quality results, was an aberration.

He always had an interest in new technologies and thought of the drone to reduce the human presence in these confined spaces and thus considerably reduce the risks of accidents.

He then spoke about it to Thibault and Thierry, who met during a maintenance improvement project in the shipping sector.
They were enthusiastic about the idea of bringing a useful innovation to the marine environment, which has seen them grow professionally for nearly twenty years. 
Together, they studied the technological possibilities according to concrete uses. 
They quickly realized that the use of appropriate drones would reduce costs and lead time while increasing the degree of precision & safety

MaDfly is born from this collective momentum on June 20, 2019.

Maritime experts

+40 Years Experience

6 IACS Certifications

Our Values


Our maritime experience allows us to behave compatibly with the security process. It also facilitates our integration in your different teams.


In a rapidly developing sector, we know it is essential to demonstrate resilience, gain efficiency every day and develop new use cases with you.


Educated with the honesty principle, we make a point of honor to tell you openly what we can do and what we can't. The only way to build a strong relationship.


Passionate about shipping and convinced of the benefits of knowing our clients, our strategy is to be dedicated to the maritime sector.


Curiosity is our mindset, keeping open MaDfly field of possibilities. We believe remaining curious allows us to always evolve according to exchanges and novelties.


Accustomed to working in contact with natural elements, humility is for us a noble value

It induces the ability to recognize mistakes, which is necessary for teamwork and to improve ourselves.