• Other interventions

    Our scope of work extends beyond visual inspection,
    here are some operation's kinds we have already performed for our clients.

Anti Pollution Stand By

Be more reactive in case of pollution by using a drone and keeping a clean corporate image.

An oil leakcan be challenging to locate depending on various aggravating factors such as the weather, the sea swell, the wind, the current, the distance with the pumping vessel, etc...

Drone solutions can support your crew to go faster on the pollution site, to locate the leak more precisely than a human view from the bridge, and thus, allow pumping a larger volume of it.

Anti Rust Spraying

Ferries ship managers give importance to their fleet’s visual appearance.

However, how to clean the rust during a port of call, on the seaside?

How to clean the rust on the portside, beyond a pole distance from the berth?

After years of solution search, MaDfly can now propose a cleaning service to all passenger’s vessels.

 Communication Video

MaDfly proposes a unique approach, mixing our maritime expertise with artistic expertise.

With their ability to capture stunning aerial or underwater footage from unique perspectives, drones can create dynamicandengaging visuals that are sure to impress viewers.

If you have a maritime technical project to promote
this mix of expertise allows us to enhance the results your clients are looking for. 


Monitoring a site can be a difficult and expensive task

especially when dealing with large areas difficult to access. 

Fortunately, drones offer an effective solution for site surveillance.

With their ability to fly long distances and capture high-quality & thermal images, drones can monitor large areas in real-time, without the need for additional personnel.