Ballasts inspection - BW Ideol

Visual inspection of Floatgen's 16 ballasts completed in a single day only ⏱
Our confined space drone allowed BW Ideol to observe every nook and cranny of the floater

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Starling scaring - SSF (French Navy)

Our maritime sector is facing a wide range of challenges. Here's an atypical example

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Cargo tanks inspection

Last week we were in Singapore to inspect all cargo tanks on a chemical tanker, we mobilized our assets to carry out the operation in less than 48 hours.

We inspected not less than 22 tanks in only 2 days !

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Water ballast tank inspection

Confined spaces access caused 10 deaths each year for more than 20 years in the maritime industry.

Recently in Europe, we inspected a cable layer's water ballast tanks with our drone⚓

As you can see it would have been difficult for an inspector to get there.

The high levels of CO2 and H2S would have re...

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Inwater survey - TSM

Thanks to TSM - Thomas Services Maritimes for trusting us with the inwater survey of their vessel with Bureau Veritas France !

Yannick and Thibaud went to inspect the entire hull by submarine.

The ROV allowed TSM and BV to have an excellent visibility on each element...

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Silo inspection - Hoffman GreenCement

Inspection of 19 cells of a multi-compartment reinforced concrete silo.

We inspected the silo walls before work delivery of new cement installation.

Drone allowed to check integrity of the installation (cracks or defects) that could compromise the structure and establish a completion reference.

The sil...

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Underwater hull inspection - Brittany Ferries

MaDfly achieved the underwater hull inspection of 2 vessels in 2 different ports in 2 days. Thanks to Brittany Ferries for their support.
This inspection allowed Brittany Ferries to get an overview of the vessel's condition without risk, at low cost.
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Inspection of cargo holds of chemical tankers in Istanbul

And... it's a transformed tryout

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Chemical tanker cargo hold inspection - Istanbul

A new vessel's drone inspection successfully achieved by MaDfly.

22 stainless steel chemical cargo hold inspected within 3 days.
This inspection allowed the shipowner to erect scaffolding only in the areas to be repaired, a huge money saving during this vessel's dry dock.

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Aerial pictures - Services Voltiges

MaDfly was glad to work with Services voltige to produce aerial picture to enhance their experience on wind turbine!

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3 Ferries hull inspections - Brittany Ferries

MaDfly achieved the underwater hull inspection of 3 vessels in 3 different ports in 2 days.
Thanks to Brittany Ferries for their support.
This inspection allowed to know quickly the condition of the vessels without risk at low cost.
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Tank Inspection - Ciner Group

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Underwater survey - Brittany Ferries

Good weather and visibility to perform an underwater annual survey on Brittany Ferries' BRETAGNE, last week ❗


Thanks to Brittany Ferries to trust in MaDfly.

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Inspection for American Bureau of Shipping

Thanks to the participation of the MV OUTRIDER crew of Universal Tankers Management company, we succeed the demonstration as service supplier for remote inspection via drone for American Bureau of Shipping.

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We are qualified by DNV-GL as service supplier for remote inspection via drone.

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