Biofouling & Inwater survey - Delair Marine

23.11.23 00:35 Comment(s) By Pierre

At MaDfly, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Delair Marine. Our shared goal? To reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the innovative biofouling inspection technology developed by Delair Marine.
We have already had the opportunity to collaborate closely with Delair Marine twice, first in Marseille and then in Oslo. On each mission, overboard valves, appendices, seachests, and propulsion systems were rigorously and precisely examined during a quick stopover at the port. ⚓
MaDfly carried out the in-water survey of a 337-meter-long vessels with Rina class society.
Teaming up with Delair Marine strengthens our commitment to more sustainable and environmentally-friendly sailing. Stay tuned, as more adventures and innovations are on the horizon. For all your inspection needs, MaDfly is your trusted ally.

Special thanks to the dedicated crew who were proactive and cooperative, ensuring our mission was carried out seamlessly. 🚢

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